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FODA - Fight over dat Ancient

A free to play browser card game with all Dota heroes and skills!

Play now: foda.app


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I loved your game, but... FODA means "fuck" in portuguese. So yeah, you might want to change it? idk if you care with that, i'm just warning ya.

The new name was a community decision. The game was called DotaCard, but we changed to avoid any possible legal issue.

I'm from Brazil as most of our players, I guess we all found it a pretty funny pum!

When the tutorial says "Click to select a passive skill " I don't know what to do

You just found a  bug Lawrencelot,  thanks  lot.
Working on it right now!

Fixed the tutorial in update 0.2.44, the passive card should appear now.
Thanks again Lawrencelot!

Okay now I finished the tutorial, but when I started the campaign I did my first turn, the enemy did nothing on his turn, and the timer is now stuck at 1.
Do you have a different place to report bugs?
Game looks very nice and interesting btw

There's a perfect place for you to help me clear those pesky bugs!

But feel free to contact me anyway you want!