FODA - Fight over dat Ancient

A free to play browser card game with all Dota heroes and skills!

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hello developers of the FODA, i love this game so much i play this game every single day with my brother . but pls, pls add some more heroes in the game i dont want to get bored of this game. thank you! 

p.s. if you want any kind of help related to this game , i can be available.and i can even create new heroes for you that are not related to dota.

thanks looking forward for getting new heroes in the game !

Ibraheem Asif, 


If you wanna contribute plz join our discord community and report bugs and suggestions at

I do plan to add heroes from other games, but there’s a lot of bugs and things to finish first. I would love to hear your ideas and all help is welcome.

i feel like the characters is a different video game l instead of a card game

That’s good I guess, at least it’s not the same as every other card game.

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lost connection to server

lost connection to server

lost connection to server


think there is something wrong with your server connection code

shame, game looks promising, especially for browser

Sorry about the conection issue. I’ll look into it asap. Thanks for your feedback


Soo... I'm getting an "application error" when I try to run the game with Chrome... Just wanted to point that out haha...

Sorry about the error. I’ll look into it asap. Thanks for your feedback

[Portuguese] Tem o link "foda.json" pra adicionar ao CGS?


[Portuguese] Seria esse:

Isso ai Xiko. Quase um programador ja 😂

Deleted 2 years ago

Deu ruim, como diria o Xovem contemporâneo.

Não conheço o CGs, manda link pra eu entender o q ta acontecendo

Deleted 1 year ago
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* deleted comment about the fact that the name 'Foda' translates from Portuguese-BR as a bad word

The new name was a community decision. The game was called DotaCard, but we changed to avoid any possible legal issue.

I'm from Brazil as most of our players, I guess we all found it a pretty funny pum (it also has other meanings like cool or hard)!

When the tutorial says "Click to select a passive skill " I don't know what to do

You just found a  bug Lawrencelot,  thanks  lot.
Working on it right now!

Fixed the tutorial in update 0.2.44, the passive card should appear now.
Thanks again Lawrencelot!

Okay now I finished the tutorial, but when I started the campaign I did my first turn, the enemy did nothing on his turn, and the timer is now stuck at 1.
Do you have a different place to report bugs?
Game looks very nice and interesting btw

There's a perfect place for you to help me clear those pesky bugs!

But feel free to contact me anyway you want!