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FODA - Fight over dat Ancient

A free to play browser card game with all Dota heroes and skills!

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All artwork can be downloaded for free in high resolution

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Fork or download Github https://github.com/rafaelcastrocouto/foda

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npm install
node server.js


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When the tutorial says "Click to select a passive skill " I don't know what to do

You just found a  bug Lawrencelot,  thanks  lot.
Working on it right now!

Fixed the tutorial in update 0.2.44, the passive card should appear now.
Thanks again Lawrencelot!

Okay now I finished the tutorial, but when I started the campaign I did my first turn, the enemy did nothing on his turn, and the timer is now stuck at 1.
Do you have a different place to report bugs?
Game looks very nice and interesting btw

There's a perfect place for you to help me clear those pesky bugs!

But feel free to contact me anyway you want!